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Salalah City Tour (Half Day)

To the South region which is completely different to the North region. A UNESCO heritage site and a frankincense land in the Balid Museum. Enjoy shopping with gold, silver, perfumes, frankincense and bokhur in Al-Husn Souq. An Ancient story which it said in the holy of Quraan is the foot prints of the prophet Saleh’s camel. Walk around the imposing walled palace grounds via two mosques which is his majesty Sultan Qaboos built it, Al-Husn Palace.

Salalah East Tour (Half Day)

A tour to the east side where you will start visiting the village famed for sardines fertilizer where there is an interesting castle, Taqa. The legendary palace of the Queen Sheba is believed to have been, Khor Rori. An old city of Arabian horses and the slave trade, Mirbat. An old merchant house, with Yemeni style architecture of carved doors and windows, Mirbat Castle. A natural spring in a beautiful park surrounded by hills, Ain Razat.

Salalah West Tour (Half Day)

The opposite side of the east side is the west side of Salalah where you can visit the tomb of the Prophet Job remains. One of the most beautiful springs in Dhofar, Jarzeez spring. A natural blow holes that can spray jets of water 10's of meters in to the air in Maghsayl. Visit the Frankincense Trail trees as it known as the holy incense.

Salalah East & West Tour (Full Day)

The combination of the East and West starting from Taqa with its famous castle. Samahram which was to believe that an important port location trading for frankincense. An old cemetery domed of tomb Bin Ali. The architecture of a traditional Omani houses in Mirbat. The beautifully, lush, tranquil mountain with the natural underground fresh spring water in Ain Razat. A spectacular blowhole that can spray jets of water 10's of meters in to the air in Maghsayl. Explore the methods of the process of frankincense trail and a visit to the tomb of the prophet Job.

Ubar (The Lost City)

A spectacular view of Salalah plains dotted with thick shrub & woodland on top of Qara Mountain. Discover the lost city (Ubar) and knowledge the history of it. Enjoy the climbs to the dunes in the Empty Quarter. One of the UNESCO sites which is known as the frankincense Wadi, Wadi Dauqa

Wadi Darbat and East Salalah Tour

Begin a visit to Taqa which is known for its castle. Spend most of the time with the incredible views of Wadi Darbat with a perennial wet with herds of camels, sheep & Goat grazing the region. A spectacular magnetic point, a natural phenomena situated in the rugged mountains in Tawi Attir. A visit to a natural spring of Ain Razat at the foot of Qara Mountains

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